Hello, and welcome to alexanderjoffe.net, the place to find the collected works of Alex Joffe (no, not the French film director, and no, not the Israeli circuit chip designer, or any of those other Alex Joffes out there). Ok, there's also the academia.edu page where most of the scholarly stuff has been posted. But still.

The Alex Joffe, archaeologist, historian, man about town.

A noted ranconteur and amateur musicologist, Alex Joffe approaches the past and present with a Benchley-like wit and the grace of a black bear tearing open a garbage can. Justly famed as a skilled excavator and cunning writer, he has worked on diverse questions such as the Early Bronze Age of the Southern Levant, arms control and byproducts of weapons of mass destruction manufacture, the historiography of nationalism, and how to dismantle an intelligence agency. Some of this work has been surprisingly influential. In fact, no one is more surprised than him.